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Men’s hairdresser in Luton

I offer excellent hairstyling for men in Harlington. Contact Caroline’s Mobile Hair in Luton.

Haircuts for men in Luton

Your hairstyle says a lot about your personality. I can come to your home and offer a full barbering service at a competitive price. I can help you find the right hairstyle to complete your look! I provide both daytime and evening appointments. I serve across Luton, Harlington and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with me for details.

What can I offer?

  • Full barbering service
  • Haircuts
  • Hair restyling for women
  • Hair straightening
  • Modern hairstyles for men

    Treat yourself to a new haircut this season. I’m a friendly hair stylist offering excellent hair styling and perming. If you need short hair to suit your professional lifestyle or something more modern, you can count on me. I also offer haircuts for children.

    I’m a reputable men’s hairdresser, based in Luton. Call Caroline’s Mobile Hair on
    07966 399 172